[Best I Could by Dan Mills]

The chords, the lyrics, the harmonies, the video.  Everything, just everything about this song is beautiful.  My only complaint is that it isn’t longer!  Come play for us in Denver soon Dan Mills!

Can you believe it’s Thursday already?!  I’m heading to Steamboat this weekend to meet up with friends, load up our horses, and embark on our first camping adventure of the summer.  So ready to get back up to the mountains!

What’s one of your favorite places to visit?  Wherever it is, I hope you get to go there often.  Happy Thursday friends!

9 thoughts on “[Best I Could by Dan Mills]

  1. I share your excitement for adventure this spring/summer. Two weeks (I am a teacher) and I can explore places i have yet to experience. You asked, where are the places I want to go? First, if snow levels decrease the summit of Mount Elbert by the end of May. Second, to the east coast to explore Antietam, Harpers Ferry, and Jamestown explicitly. All will hopefully happen, cannot wait! Enjoy Steamboat, such a wonderful place.

      • I teach 11th grade US history, love every minute of it. Well…almost every minute of it. My east coast adventures are part of a grant to write about historical U.S. monuments. I have hiked some 14ers- grays, torreys, pikes peak, evans, and bierstadt. Living near pikes peak have done it multiple times. I hope to get massive, elbert, and longs in this summer.

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